CA. Keshav Bansal
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CA Keshav Bansal is a member of The Institute of Chartered Accountant of India (ICAI) and holding Certificate of Practice (COP).

​Considering the profession to be the most Nobel of all, he is also an ardent believer of  equality and justice. Having a diversified ambience at every tier of the Tax machinery, he brings along a vast working experience in the fields of Direct & Indirect Taxation, International Taxation, Litigation, Internal Audit, Statutory Audits, Company Law matter, Real Estate matters with clients as Pharma Companies, IT Companies, Hotels, Banking Companies, Telecom Companies etc. He  is always open for new opportunities to work and learn.

​Having an esoteric knowledge in management consultancy and tax matters he has assisted many companies in completing paperwork, getting necessary approvals, paying taxes, necessary filings and much more.

He is also a founder at TAX BASE: Assist your case a virtual publication house for all finance, taxation, legal and related matters.

All people have there own forte and we here work in ethical manner to provide the best with best consultancy practices to our clients, with the most valuable one being is to try keep them updated through our medium IN-FINE: Information Confined. Believing in “Knowledge shared is knowledge gained”  he has been updating others about the daily  updates in the working environment of a chartered accountant and influencing others to work hard.


Always stand on principle
 even if you stand alone